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Oxygen Indicator

Chinese Name:氧气指示剂
Product No.:HBYY004
Product Price:
Product Use:Used to indicate an anaerobic environment (for 2.5L anaerobic culture bag)

Technical Data:

Oxygen Indicator is used to indicate an anaerobic environment (for 2.5L anaerobic culture bag)

1. Intended Use:

An oxygen indicator, indicate anaerobic conditions. 

2. Principle: 

Methylene blue and other reagents indicate oxygen content. 

3. The main constituent: 

Methylene blue, agar etc. 

4. Storage conditions and valid time: 

4.1. Keep in dark place and at room temperature 

4.2. Valid for one year. 

5. Applicable Instruments:

The product is applicable for supporting laboratory equipments. 

6. Specimen requirements:

Sample collection, storage, treatment, transportation should be tightly sealed to avoid influence of oxygen outside. 

7. Test methods:

Break the ampoules of the product and place in air for 5min, product surface should turn blue, indicating that the air has oxygen, and then place in an oxygen-free environment, take another as control exposure to air, the test tube should turn pink within 1h, the same as the color of unopened before. 

8. Reference value (reference range): 

The surface of control of this product should become blue 

9. Result analysis: 

The product become pink in oxygen-free environment within 1h, blue color of surface fades, while surface of the control in the air is still blue, indicating that color change can indicate aerobic and anaerobic environments. 

10. Limitations: 

This product is only used to indicate whether there is oxygen or not in the environment, can not indicate oxygen concentration. 

11. Performance Indicators:

This product is a uniform pink peptone-like, and will precipitate a small amount of water on the surface, it does not affect use. 

12. Note:

12. 1. This product is only used to indicate oxygen environment. 

12. 2. The residue must be disinfected after using the product.

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