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2.5L Microaerophilic Gas Pack

Chinese Name:2.5L微需氧产气包
Product No.:HBYY008
Product Price:
Product Use:Used for culturing microaerophilic microorganisms

Technical Data:

2.5L Microaerophilic Gas Pack is used for culturing microaerophilic microorganisms.

Product Description:

2.5L microaerophilic gas producing bag is used for construct micro-aerobic environment to culture microaerophilic microbes. Microaerophilic/anaerobic culture of microbes requires anaerobic culture bag, microaerophilic /anaerobic gas producing bag, oxygen indicator, to support, then the test can be conducted.

Microaerophilic/Anaerobic Culture Systems:

2.5L anaerobic culture bag

2.5L anaerobic gas producing bag/2.5L microaerophilic gas producing bag

Oxygen indicator 


1. Take an anaerobic culture bag or box

2. Insert 4-10 plates inoculated microaerophilic bacteria

3. Take a 2.5L microaerophilic gas producing pack, cut or tear the aluminum foil, remove the microaerophilic gas producing bag quickly, suggest you place an opening oxygen indicator and then seal anaerobic culture bag.


1. 2.5L anaerobic culture bag is put into ten petri dishes recommended, and it cannot be less than four.

2. If using more than 2.5L of culture bag, increase quantity of microaerophilic gas producing bag according the volume. When using more than one gas producing bag, do not stack together.

3. The microaerophilic culture temperature cannot exceed 45 ℃.

Storage: Sealed store in a cool and dry place

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