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Ceramic Bead Strains Storage Tube

Chinese Name:瓷珠菌种保存管
Product No.:HBPT001-1
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Product Use:For strains store of bacteria

Technical Data:

Ceramic Bead Strains Storage Tube

 CODE: HBPT001-2

  Microorganism lab often separates some significative bacteria, which need to be stored and transported for a long time, but so far, the methods of strains store are from simple to complex, the time to keep is from short to long. For above situation and simplify the procedures of strains store and recovery, prolong storage life, our company developed the new generation of ceramic bead strain store tube.

  Ceramic bead consists of freeze tube, ceramic bead and freeze preserving fluid, and is mainly used for strains storage, recovery and transportation.

Compared with traditional strains store method, it has following obvious advantages:

1. Easy to operate: pick fresh pure culture of bacteria, access it into strains storage tube;

2. Strains preserving quickly: it contains natural porous ceramic beads and is conductive to absorption and preserving of bacteria.  Cryopreserve fluid make strains avoid influence of solution and ice crystals. After mixing, suck the cryopreserve fluid out;

3. Small packing: 1.8ml frozen pipes.

4. Strains long preservation time: frozen pipes are made of special materials, and have excellent sealing properties and low temperature resistance. Bacteria can be stored for 6 months at 2-8 ℃, for 12 months at -20 ℃ and for 24 months at -80 ℃.

Strains preservation procedure:
   Scrape off the fresh pure culture into strains preservation tubes from the plate cultured for over 18h, preparation of 3-4 McFarland turbidity bacterial suspension.
1.Tighten the tube; emulsify bacteria by shaking upside down a few times.
2.Suck up all liquid in the tube with sterile pipette, properly place aspirate of the liquid.
3.Tighten the tube, quickly place at -20 ℃ or -70 ℃ in the refrigerator.

Strain recovery procedure:

1. Under sterile conditions, take a small ceramic beads with sterilized needle or forceps.
2. The small ceramic beads are used directly to inoculate on agar by streaking or a suitable liquid medium.

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