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Amies Transport Medium Tube(Liquid)

Chinese Name:Amies Transport Medium
Product No.:HBPT002-2
Product Price:
Product Use:Used for the transport and preservation of clinical specimens, and does not have the function of microorganism identification and drug sensitivity identification.

Technical Data:

1. Open the package before sampling. 

2. Remove the sampling swab and transport tube. 

3. Conduct sample collection at the specified sampling site. 

4. Place the collected swab into the transport medium. 

5. Mark Information of the sample

6. Transport to the laboratory and take out the sampling swab 

7. Spread and isolate the sample


1. This product is only used for IVD. 

2. Used medium should be disinfected. 

3. Only opearted by the trained experimenters.

4. Wear gloves and mask to take protective measures. 

5. Routine sample collection should be submitted within 24±2 hours, and the detection rate of bacteria will be affected if the sample is out of time. 

6. Do not use after expiration.

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3 mL/vialUsed for the transportation and preservation of virus specimens in clinical collection
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