Chromogenic Medium
E.coli O157
Total Number of Bacteria
Staphylococcus Aureus
Salmonella Shigella
Saccharomycete Streptomyces
Bending SP
Clostridium Perfingens
Hemolytie Streptococcus
Listeria Testing Series
Beer Test Series
QingDao Hopebio-Technology Co., Ltd. lies in QingDao Institute of Life Sciences. Mainly engaged in researching 、developing、manufacturing and selling the products of Biology、Medicine and the relating fields, covering Pharmacy 、Molecular Biology reagent 、Biochemistry reagent、Diagnostic reagent and Microbiology medium et al .Since established in the end of 1999,with the Hopebio philosophy "Sincerity is foundation ,unity is power", we cooperated with QingDao zhongde company to manufacture drying medium 、UU medium and Torch Kits in 2000,all the produccompanyts have a good sale for the high quality andgood specificity. In 2001, cooperated with Jinan Aoli groups again tomanufacture the medicine of Grifola Frondosa for Curing cancer and tumour, the total capital of it is 35,000,000 RMB.
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